Magician for Younger Kids


  • Matias has created a special show for the little ones; a show where they will enjoy some magic tricks, including his magic bunny production, and then they will have lot of animals balloons.
  • Why did Matias create this show? Because lots of parents wanted to have him perform at their little child’s party. But kids at the age of 2-4 doesn’t know what is going on in a full show, specially with the magic.
  • Even though they love when Matias produces his magic bunny, sometimes they can’t enjoy a full magic show as an older kid will do.
  • So Matias decided to work out a special show for them.
  • This is how the Bunny Balloon Magic Show was born: by thinking as a child, trying to make them have a great and magical day!
  • So if you are planning on having a party for newborn to 4 years old, then this is the perfect Show for your party!
  • The show will start with some easy-to-follow magic until Matias produces his magic bunny, then he will do some magic tricks where all the children will participate, followed by animal balloons for all of them.
  • And in the end he will produce candies for all of them and maybe the confetti explosion!
  • After the show kids are welcome to pet his bunny “GAFAS” and take photos with HER.


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Matias, this is exactly what I’m looking for

my Younger Child’s Birthday Party!

How much is it?

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