Magician for Teen’s Birthday Party

Teen’s Birthday Party for 9-12yo 

This is a professional show that will make your teen’s party a fun and exciting magical experience!


  • Show starts: 30-60min Professional and High Quality Parlour Magic Show.
  • Full of audience participation that will have both teens and adults laughing, engaged and amazed!
  • YOUR TEEN will be the special assistant! Just imagine your teen’s face when he/she makes a table float in mid air!
  • Then the show will continue with lots of interactive magic tricks where all the teens will participate!
  • Your child will also help Matias with other tricks!
  • Plus Matias can have your child penetrate a mirror in an amazing one-of-a-kind illusion.
  • Plus all the kids will receive a complementary easy-to-do magic trick according to their age! (Or you can upgrade them to the magic book for $5/each).
  • In the Premium Show, Matias will include a magic workshop!

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Matias, this is exactly what I’m looking for

my Teen’s Birthday Party!

How much is it?

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