Magician for Summer Camps

The Magic of Imagination Show


This is show is perfect for summer camps. The show can be accommodated to small rooms and outdoors/indoors areas.

The Illusion Show includes big stage illusions with Matias’ amazing assistant Coni. Matias will make her magically appear and then do a series of escapes and illusions including the kid passing through a mirror illusion that will have all both, young and older kids excited (including the camp staff!). Matias will bring his stage scenography, a professional sound system, plus all the kids will receive a complementary trick (according to their age).

The Premium Show includes some great one-man illusions (including floating table or child levitation), and lots of audience interactionsThe main difference between the Premium and Basic Show is that the Premium show includes one-man stage illusions, professional sound system, stage scenography, plus all the kids will receive a magic trick by the end of the program (according to their age).

All show can be performed in English and Spanish.

Flyers will be provided along with a YouTube video to make the kids excited about the show (for social media).

In addition, Magician Matias’ Mentee, Joshy, who Matias has been mentoring for the last year, is offering a great show for those who are working on a tight budget.


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    Close-up Strolling Magic Show

    This is show is perfect for family events where you need roaming entertainment rather than a stationary show.

    Watch how Matias will turn five $1 into $500, or when he makes a ring fly. In addition, Matias will pickpocket the guests (even cops!) and will definitely amaze everyone with his charming accent and style.


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      Watch some of the kid’s reactions from the 2016 Magic tour!

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