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Matias' School Assemblies Programs

Have you ever been to a school assembly and witnessed an energetic magician perform with hundreds of children and the school staff surrounding him; they are unable to turn their head away from him, totally focused on every trick, every illusion and his live bunny; and wanting to be amazed over and over again? Have you ever experienced that before? If your answers are no then you haven’t seen Matias Letelier and his show The Magic of Imagination because that is precisely what he does!

Matias’ unique blend of magic, clean comedy, high energy, a live bunny and (most importantly) lots of audience participation will challenge you to discover the magic of using your imagination, while delivering important messages including that we are all special, the importance of working as a team and follow our dreams, turning this show into a great and powerful educational tool.

Our main goal is to show the children there is nothing impossible if they use their imagination and believe in theirselves. That is the power of our show The Magic Of Imagination! And we hope you’ll consider us for your next school assembly, PTO activity or Fundraiser event.

We invite you to please select the type of show you are looking for from the left menu to learn more about Matias' programs for each ocation.

And we know you will be pleased after checking Matias' references and his hundreds of 5-star reviews.

Magician Matias best Magician in NY