Here are the steps:  

_____  Choose your ticket’s price: You know your school better than we do. Some schools can charge $20/ticket, while other ones can hardly charge $8/ticket. Keep in mind that there are families with 2, 3 and maybe 4 kids that might want to come to the show. Although, you can always create a family-package for larger families.  

_____  Submit information: We need the school name, address, date and time of the event.  

_____  Get your Flyers: With the information above we will create flyers, tickets and Press Releases ready for you to submit and start the advertisement.  

_____  Start advertisement: Submit the Press Releases to the local radio, news, TV to generate publicity for the event.  

_____  Promote the show in the school: ask your students to share the information with their parents.   

_____  Get the community involved: A successful fundraiser is when all the community gets involved. Not only parents, but also local businesses. You can ask local banks, insurance, real estate, health care, etc. to purchase a booth outside the auditorium to promote their services to the community. You can also get a local pizzeria to donate some pizzas or have one of the other companies to donate the pizzas in exchange of a booth and add mention on the program.   As you already know, you will receive a program template ready to be printed. At the end of the program there is extra space for sponsors. You can get sponsors to donate food or money in exchange of promoting their names. This is especially great for local businesses since they will gain access to hundreds of families. We will provide the program and you recruit the local businesses to buy space. As an example, you can get a local pizzeria to donate 50 pizzas in exchange for the free advertisement. Then you can sell the pizza at $2/slide. If you get 50 pizzas and each has 8 slides, then that would profit an extra $ 800!  

_____  Concessions: Sell drinks and snacks to make more money for your group! This is a great way to make an extra $500-$1,000 for your school! Sometimes simple things are better. You can get water and sodas, rent a popcorn machine, snow cones machine, cotton candy machine or similar.  

_____  Glow Sticks: kids love to have glow sticks and they are very inexpensive and easy to sell. Once one young kid purchases a stick, everyone wants one, especially once they see how cool they are when the lights dim!  

_____  Raffle: You can also add a raffle and we will donate a magic set along with a group magic lesson for 5 kids! You can announce the winner during the intermission or after the show.